Sample Reports

These sample reports will give you an idea of what you can expect after taking the Career Direct® Complete Guidance System. The reports you receive will be specially tailored for you depending on the answers you give during the assessment.

Please note that obtaining one of the reports below is only step 2 of 3 in finding your true calling. Provided with the reports below will also be a comprehensive collection of online audio, electronic, and printed resources to help you apply these reports into a plan of action.

The Summary Report provides a condensed, 4-page review of the assessment results.

View a sample Summary Report

The Detailed Report provides an in-depth, 25-page comprehensive review of the assessment results.

View a sample Detailed Report

The Coaching Report provides a coach, advisor, counselor, or interested friend/family member with 11 additional pages of scoring information and tools to assist in understanding and interpreting the Detailed Report.

View a sample Coaching Report

These additional resources will help guide you or your student through the discovery process.

View a Guide for Coaching Your Student

View a Guide for Coaching Yourself